Thursday, September 12, 2013


Novels, for some people are the best form of entertainment while others hate the word. Some might spend their whole day sitting by a warm fireplace reading their favorite novel while others would rather do some outdoor activity. I am writing this blog for those novel addicts who just can't deny the attraction these novels hold for them as I am one of them myself.
Many people face problems while trying to buy novels. Some either can't find them in their local bookstores while others just can't afford the pricey bestselling novels. As I am myself included in the first category of these people, I hate the feeling when the person behind the counter in my local bookstore does not even know the name of the new bestseller. As a result, I resorted to internet. From then on, Google has been my best friend and I mostly download e books rather then wasting my time in my local bookstore.
 In this blog, I will try to upload novels for you guys in the form of e books. I will try my best to provide links for novels that you guys want. I have added a feedback button so that I can know which novels you guys want me to upload.